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Seeing IS Believing

The BioGenetic Laboratories “Seeing IS Believing” before and after transformation contest is about showcasing all your hard work and your new body! It’s about becoming excited about the results you’ve achieved and giving others the passion and hope to do the same. Contact us today to find out more about the challenge and our ‘extra special’ offers we have created just for you!

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Great Recipes

Get a Success Coach!

Our Biogenetic Labs Team and others who have become success stories are always here to help you through your weight-loss journey.

Renee and Larisa are a part of our BioGenetic Labs Team and are always available to help with any question through their experience and product knowledge.

Carla Iansiti and Brenda Allen have all been through the diet program, just like you, and are now living “success stories.” These women are so inspirational and can really help answer your questions from having been there, done that. And they love to answer questions to help others achieve their own goals as they did.

We are so delighted you decided to join our community of likeminded people. Here, you can be inspired by people like you as you inspire others in our lively, friendly, and helpful social media community.

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Approved Foods

If you want the best results possible in your BioGenetic's weight loss program and weight-loss activities, it’s important to put in the work and follow this diet.

The Do's - Friendly Foods The OK's - Moderately Eaten Foods The Don’ts - Food to avoid

Pantry/Cabinets Suggestions Sweeteners Fruits & Vegetables

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California residents only: This product contains substances known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.